Family and important thoughts

Just got back from visiting my extended but close knit family in Blackpool for a couple of days. The reason for the visit was to ground me. I shall explain.. Life lately has been extreemly stressful, what with one thing or another we eventually need to find that peace away from daily stress and strain.

I have realised just how important family is for providing that peace.

I also wanted to big up the people of the north! Blackpool people are great. Optimistic, happy, fun, and well just generally nice people to spend time with. We could learn a lot in our workplaces from being more like these communities who are more than happy to; let you back in the queue if you have forgotton something in the shop, say hello to you as you pass them in the street, treat you as one of their own after meeting you a few times, have a happy conversation instead of moaning about everything in their lives.

You see they concentrate on the positive and that rubs off on other people, particularly visitors who perhaps do not have this warm welcome in their own communities. That’s really why a community works because the people in it are generous, positive people who for them its the norm to share their knowledge and happiness with others without expecting anything in return.

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  1. Funny you should say that Karen. Rob Whiteman spoke at the Learning Pool conference in May & he said he looks for two qualities in people he employs – flexibility and a sunny disposition. We’re thinking of introducing a “no negativity” rule in our company the same way that Tim Smit has done at the fabulous Eden project. Life is tough enough for everyone without having to listen to colleagues in the workplace being negative & whineing – this is one of my soap box topics I’m afraid so sorry for going on a bit of a rant here!

    1. Not a rant at all Mary I think it’s a really valid point. It only takes one or two negative people in a team to change the whole atmosphere. Having a positive dynamic person in a team on the other hand rubs off on others and inspires people to put forward their ideas because they feel they can do this without judgement. I’m all for this way of working.

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