A little bit about me.

Karen is an Empowerment Coach and Visibility Mentor helping heart centred entrepreneurs and businesses to connect with their true selves, create their vision, mission and message and in-turn supports them to attract the right people into their lives and work.
Read Karen’s story…
When you connect to your truth, amazing things happen. In 2016 I had a period of stress and overwhelm. I struggled across my personal and professional life. As a senior marketing and communications leader in a large organisation, a mum, partner and a million other roles, I was under a lot of pressure and had several challenges in my personal life.
I felt limited somehow and also somewhat trapped. I didn’t feel like I could be my true self somehow. This led me to a pivot point where I questioned everything.
  • Why did I feel so unhappy?
  • Why did the career I had followed for 20 plus years now seem like it had no meaning?
  • Why was I suddenly thinking about the limited time I have on this planet?
  • Why was I craving freedom and expression?
I sought the meaning in my life by learning more about myself, my emotions and thoughts by hiring a coach that I trusted, exploring and learning about my emotions and changing my thought patterns to create a new vision for my life and work.
I connected into the part of me that could tell me what I was really here to do by practising mindfulness, and then I began to work on creating a new existence. One that is based on openness, freedom, love and support for myself and others. Being able to connect with myself tapped into a powerful part of myself that felt universal. I began to use my intuition to help me sculpt this vision and very naturally, my business was born.
I realised that everything about my struggles and my achievements up to that point had led me to a place where I could truly be happy and successful in my own way by simply being myself and utilising the natural gifts that I have been given to support and connect others to create their big-picture vision, their mission and message for their own lives.
I now provide accredited coaching, mindfulness teaching and marketing mentoring all this combines my skills together to support anyone who feels lost or limited in their own life, by enabling them to connect to the truth of who they really are and help them to feel their passion for their own mission in life whatever that vision looks like to them.
If you would like to find out more feel free to contact me to set up a connection!



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