Phone OCD

This morning about half a mile from home I thought I had forgotton my phone. The usual panic ensued.. “I will ring people from work just to let them know” I’m thinking to myself. “what have I got on today?, can I do without it?”

I started rummaging through my bag, one hand still on the steering wheel (this is quite a challenge if you could see the size of my handbag and all the clutter I keep inside it)… “I’ve left it on the dressing table, yep fgs how did I do that” I’m thinking.

I was actually feeling lost, naked even..

I have a little routine on my phone, I wonder if anyone else does too?

I check emails first then Facebook updates to see who’s doing what, which people are addicted to farmville the most (oh yeah updates from the usual culprites) feeds then Twitter save best ’til last always been my moto. Then if time allows a little game playing bit of angry birds tap zoo or coindozer which is mind numbing but is great for getting to sleep.

It’s the same routine.. Do I have phone OCD?

Parked up at work had a final rummage through the bag and to my delight my phone was there!!! Thank the lord above..I did remember it..can’t remember putting it in my bag but who cares! I no longer feel naked. Phone by keyboard phew.

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3 thoughts on “Phone OCD

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  1. I do this this, although thankfully not often. I’ve had a mobile phone for 20 years now, I feel totally at a loss it’s not with me, and I’ve actually had to go home and get it on the two occasions it’s happened in recent years.

    Sad I know, but they do become part of you.

  2. I love this blog Karen. At Learning Pool’s event in Edinburgh last week, Dave Briggs made everyone give their phone to the person to their right. About 2 minutes later everyone was twitching… I’ve had a mobile phone & the same number for 25 years – if I left the house without it, I’d turn back – no hesitation…

  3. Agreed they do indeed become part of you, your personality etc. I did consider going home also even at the peril of being late for work – I hate being late with a passion. It’s not just about how attached I am to my phone though – its also about the way I am using it, routine has set in and I have also just been diagnosed with RSI which I am convinced has become worse since I had my smartphone…but I just can’t put it down!

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