Flag Iris

Flag Iris, originally uploaded by Karen Ramsay-Smith.



Sparkle, originally uploaded by Karen Ramsay-Smith. Sparkle

Twitcam – no barriers just conversations

I just took part in Safer Erdington's first twitcam session. Twitcam allows you to broadcast live via twitter. All you need is a twitter account and a webcam, sign into twitter via the twitcam website and you can then chat with your viewers while you broadcast. Your broadcasts can then be archived on the site.... Continue Reading →

Post #ukgc11 – an experience

Going to a ukgovcamp #ukgc11 is an enlightening experience! Meeting people for the first time that you know and respect online is also uplifting. I was really thrilled to be meeting up with some of the people that were going to be there, as I have been passionate about using social technology in local government... Continue Reading →

Warwick Social Media Surgery #WarwickSMS

Don't forget the second of  the new Warwick Social Media Surgeries takes place 4th November at Leamington Library. Why not come along and find out more about social media and how it can help your organisation or cause? More information here on socialmediasurgery.com

Phone OCD

This morning about half a mile from home I thought I had forgotton my phone. The usual panic ensued.. "I will ring people from work just to let them know" I'm thinking to myself. "what have I got on today?, can I do without it?" I started rummaging through my bag, one hand still on... Continue Reading →

Family and important thoughts

Just got back from visiting my extended but close knit family in Blackpool for a couple of days. The reason for the visit was to ground me. I shall explain.. Life lately has been extreemly stressful, what with one thing or another we eventually need to find that peace away from daily stress and strain.... Continue Reading →

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