Do you want the freedom to live your dream life? You need to create it!

So you want the freedom to live life on your own terms? Perhaps work from where you want and when you want? Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? After all, us ladies all have huge commitments, stressful jobs and little time to be thinking about such extravagance yes? If you’re curious then read on…

One of the reasons I started on my own journey was because I had the realisation that I wanted more freedom in my life. Not an uncommon situation here, I was working far too many hours, going out in the early hours and finishing work in the late evenings, supporting a growing family household and failing at enjoying the ride of a senior job. It was taking its toll on my core values in life. Freedom being one.

I got to the point where I’d had quite enough of not living the way I wanted to live thank you very much. I felt restricted, I felt like I’d be living like that until I retire or worse dying getting there which filled me with absolute dread! My dad lived and worked this way, saving up and waiting to enjoy himself in his retirement with my mum and then he tragically died unexpectedly the year before he got there. No retirement cruise, no home improvements, no spending all those hard earned savings he’s sweated blood and tears for. Tragic. We were all utterly devastated for us and for my mum and I woke up that year in more ways than one. There is no way I am risking the same fate.

I wanted to spend the next 20 years of my life leading up to the end of my working life feeling much more fulfilled, working at something I felt truly passionate about and above all living for today and having the freedom to contribute to making the world a better place. I began to start day-dreaming about having the freedom to being able to do what I wanted and to go out when I wanted, on my terms, earning the money I deserved and doing something I loved. Sounds unrealistic right?

Yes it did to me too. Until I started realising something. I realised that I had created my unsatisfactory life. I had decided that my life was ‘satisfactory’ neither good nor bad. I was coasting through my life and creating my own mediocre experiences.

Yes, a simple statement. I had created my own life. All the good, the bad, and the ugly. I had just let it all happen to me instead of consciously directing my course.

And you do too lovely. We all do. We all create the life we are currently leading both bad and good. Yes, I know there are some circumstances that happen to us. But in the whole we create the experiences that we have day in and day out. (If you are interested in finding out more about this principle then start by reading ‘The secret by Rhonda Burne‘ which explains the law of attraction and how this works).

Once I had this straight in my head I suddenly realised that I needed to start taking purposeful action. Action toward what I really wanted. Not a high-level corporate job that will give me limited holidays away from weekly high-stress levels, but more time freedom, more life-giving and life-changing experiences and contribution to something much much bigger than myself and I’m not talking about someone else’s dream here! I’m talking about my dream of my own personal and professional freedom. My own business.

And I’m doing it. It’s happening. I’m taking action steps toward the lifestyle I want and more importantly the life I deserve. I am moving mountains both mental and physical to get there. It is not easy. It is hard. It pushes me. It tests me daily and I have realised I am always going to be growing. Some days I question my dream. Can I do this? Can I make this a reality? ‘Should’ I put everyone else in my world first like I did before I started this journey to my own business?

But there in that moment is my answer. If I start putting everyone else first again I am back to square one. I started this all because of freedom. My need to be free to live my life, my way. I’m now working harder than ever to make my dream life happen. And I know now that even if I fail along the way (which I well might), I will never regret this move to to give my all to my calling in life. I have taken steps toward my dream and you can too.

Join my free closed facebook group Step Up & Step Out where other women like you are following their own big picture dreams and creating the life they feel is their calling. I look forward to seeing you in there. You don’t have to have it all worked out. Just make a start lovely and I promise you won’t regret it x








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