Get visible and make connections!

If you are not feeling confident about getting visible in your profession or business it might not be down to a basic lack of self-confidence NOPE, there could be for all sorts of reasons that lie behind that feeling of fear. It is therefore really important to address this important groundwork by reaching out for help. Once you do you’ll find yourself taking on things you never thought were possible for you before.

Getting visible is crucial. Today’s marketing space is HUGE and it is so easy for your business and message to get completely lost. Getting visible will build your brand equity, get you noticed, build your followers and above all your confidence. Start with small actions and build on these as you go. My top tips to getting started are:

  1. Do the groundwork. Find out more about yourself and what you REALLY want to say. This will all stem from your big passion and vision which will lead to clear messaging and content. See my post on ‘Laying the groundwork to your business brand and your authentic self’ for some tips of where to start.
  2. Get noticed online. An example of this is Facebook and Facebook lives – Facebook is one of the biggest and most popular platforms for small businesses and professions. Create yourself a space where you can begin to share your journey and business story. There is no doubt about it Facebook live works and now is a really crucial time to get out there and learn this skill.
  3. Get noticed offline. Get involved with local networking groups. Start off small – a local speaking engagement at a village hall might feel small time but it will build confidence and trust in your local audiences and will give you a chance to ‘do your thing’.
  4. Get writing. Blogs are really easy to set up and get going and a quick way to build credibility in your area of expertise. Don’t just write about your services though! Write about YOU, your passions, your purpose, your point of view, show people you know what you are talking about.
  5. Get it together. Build your online presence coherently. Take a look at what you are saying online/offline/everywhere! How are you coming across as a whole? For example: Have you filled out your social media profiles in full? Are they up to date? And are they presenting you in the best way possible?
  6. Be willing to learn more! You will never know it all and you must stay relevant. Things are changing daily in today’s fast moving world, so keep up to date with your area of expertise, keep learning and make sure that this matches what you are saying out there!

Once you start to sharpen things up, you will give your audience more clarity and they will begin to gravitate towards you! NOW GO DO!



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