Lay the groundwork to your business brand – your authentic self.

I have recently been on a journey ladies. Not a physical one, nope, a mental one. A journey to find myself again. You see, I was lost although I did not know it. This time last year I thought I was doing kind of alright. I’d just gained a promotion, was working in pretty much my dream job so what was going wrong? Why wasn’t I getting the results I wanted?  I wasn’t sure but there was a definite lack of focus and a nagging feeling of a lack of self-confidence, an everyday frustration with being in a corporate role and the bubbling and niggling feeling in my gut for years that I was supposed to do something else with my life.

You see, I was growing increasingly unsatisfied with my life as it was. The bill paying, 9 to 5 days, that turned into weeks that turned into months that turned into years. Nothing seemed to really ‘click’ with me. There was something missing. I had lost me in all of this. I loved the ‘idea’ of my senior job and the pay which was allowing me to buy more material things, but it just wasn’t fulfilling me inside. You know what I’m talking about, that feeling that you are actually contributing something to the world. It was really stressing me out and it was showing not only in my professional but also in my personal life too.

So I knew it was time for change, and ultimately all change is good. I knew that as I was so frustrated I needed to pick it all apart and go back to groundwork. I have never really fought change but I have always supported others through their changes, particularly at work. I wasn’t really sure where to start with my own change.

Until the day I found coaching.

I stumbled across a video on facebook from a lady called Stacey Sargison-Shawe a coach who supports women to create a life on their own terms. She was talking to me directly – or at least that is what it felt like! She was totally inspiring me, she talked about finding more time to be you, not being chained to a desk, helping others, and supporting women to lift each other up in their businesses. Watching her gave me my creative energy back and at that moment, I thought this is what I need to do next. “OK” I thought, so how do I make a start?

I joined Stacey’s Facebook group for women coaches and got some good recommendations for some books to help me start to hone into my true life purpose and what I might want to do as next steps. Over the next few months, I made connections with other women who were thinking of starting out on their own business journeys too and just went and made a start! You see, that is the way to do this – small steps toward your goal. Being a marketer, I knew that if I wanted to build a company that truly reflected my own values and passions I needed to find out more about myself. I was learning again and I loved it!

All coaches will tell you that you need to do the work on yourself first before you can help others, so that is exactly what I did and if you are reading this and you are feeling a little pang of excitement about possibly going on your own journey to creating a business that puts you and what you value at the center of what you do then you need to do the same! Just do it, I guarantee, you will not regret it!

Below is a collection of books that I highly recommend you read when you are starting to do the work on yourself…

  • The big leap – Gay Hendricks
  • Leveraging the universe – Mike Dooley
  • Power of receiving – Amanda Owen
  • The values factor – John Frederick Demartini

Good luck you amazing woman. You deserve to be happy and to have the freedom to be in control of your own life and work. Oh and buy yourself a nice journal and pen to make notes. It’s time to invest in you x


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