Ok it’s official – I’m addicted to social media – twitter been down for 3/4 hour and I’m getting stressed…. on the up side it’s made me do this – on the blogging front …must do better.  I have just been watching 20 years of Adobe Photoshop by Robert Scoble @scobleizer …great interview/memories of Photoshop, great idea giving people an insight into the backstage of how the software began. Also in the vid a mention of letraset how many people are old enough to remember those days? Here’s what their website looks like today it’s the transfers I remember the most…going back quite a few years to my graphic design days. Have a look at this lurverly collection of letraset examples here might bring back a few memories.. I’ve gone all nostagic looking at these. I was lucky enough to be at Uni on the cusp of mac introduction so usage faded pretty quickly soon after. Now you can buy Pantone Letraset posters for your nostalgic pleasure no less!!

Oh thank the Lord Twitter back up….


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