Life and social networking

It’s been a while since I wanted to blog. Been real busy bet that’s what they all say.. I have really!

I was very absorbed in work in the spring, life extreemly busy 2 children and coping with change. Then I found out my father had been diagnosed with a mallignant brain tumour which has .. well changed everything… my thinking mainly. It has not only made me think about my own mortality but people around me,  my children, my partner, my whole family.

I have spent quite a lot of time on twitter and facebook over the past 3 months sharing and gathering information, watching trends, reposting links I think it’s the only way of really understanding an application use it daily. Twitter is becoming …well a bit dull to put it bluntly, putting my own interests to one side for a moment I seem to be seeing the same things over and over again. Marketing bods, slackers, more and more porn ” click here to see my hot pics” (no I didn’t forget to add a link there).. it’s becoming more and more difficult to find quality followers over the last few months.  Well they say it’s not about quantity…. that sure is the case nowadays with twitter. Plus I’m pretty sold on the idea that most young people take the mickey out of twitter.

Facebook on the otherhand has become more interesting… people spend time there – its a life that exists alongside your own. The recent introduction of business pages for example plus Facebook is pretty accessible. Twitter users seem to be more and more concerned with creating a social circle on twitter… this can be easily achieved on facebook and now with the upcoming introduction of facebook lite I am becoming more and more drawn to facebook. Twitter still has it’s attraction for me however from a social media interest point of view – there will always be a clique of peeps who know how to tweet and how to keep things interesting to the clique. You know who I’m talking about. Above all like all social media apps it’s addictive and promotes escapism which gets my vote every time!


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